Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Truth. For love of Country. On this past Monday, I fortuitously chose a path of walking I seldom take. It was a full busy day of activity for me. But Ke Akua and my beloved hulu kupuna always help me with my decisions. So my path led me past McKinley High School named after President William McKinley of the United States. My eyes beheld a field of white placards and a gathering. So I stumbled upon a beautiful 'aha of hoa aloha, treasured friends.

The cards honored kanaka ʻōiwi who loved their country. As much as President McKinley so loved his. Ka Hali'a Aloha. The loving memory. When you honor the ancestors, they surely let their love shine down on their precious beloved mo'opuna. And when you humbly seek their guidance and counsel. They surely inspire you to make the best decisions you can in this short life. And when your foundation is based upon truth, and all of its stubborn and pervasive nature, the truth will rise to the Heavens and lovingly sweep you up in its draft.

I was told last year by a beautiful hoa aloha from Kaua'i, a kahuna, that the only place in the world a Treaty of Annexation exists for the United States to have lawfully entered into an agreement with the Kingdom of Hawai'i to annex it, is in the hands of President McKinley's statue at McKinley High School in Hawai'i. Otherwise it doesn't exist. I had to see it for myself. And so I did.

So I mahalo my beautiful hoa aloha for their unyielding spirit in the name of our beautiful Queen, to honor our precious kupuna, so that they can help all of us find 'oia'i'o. The Truth. And we shall set the children of the world free by giving them a foundation of Truth in which to move forward. E hōʻonipaʻa loa wau iā ʻoukou. I will plant you securely. You will sprout beautifully. Kupu ka 'āina. Life is way too short for lies...