Saturday, August 25, 2018


Last night, after the good news about the dismantling of the hurricane reverberated across the islands, I was pretty exhausted. I sat on my balcony, enjoying the cool gusty breezes, listening to my favorite songs, watching the clouds go by. Unwinding. Unbinding. Unblinding. 

Many faces appeared in the ever changing cloud cover flowing by in a Pantheon of Spirit. Trying to grab my camera and stand up to shoot away seemed intrusive. I was too tired physically, emotionally and mentally to even try and just stared in awe sending my Gratitude and Love. 

With so many disaster movies, many people unfortunately look forward to destructive Mother Nature. As long as they are safe, they want to see drama to break up the monotony of repetitive mundane daily life which can go on, seemingly unchanged, for years. People not living in Hawai'i with no attachment, and no concern, can look forward to images of devastation, to ease the pain of their own insecurities and disappointments in Life and as a distraction to Real World problems they may be facing.

A very dangerous yearning however as even thoughts carry power and can manifest. Fortunately, those people are outnumbered as many more were using the Power of Love, Compassion and Faith to manifest the best outcomes. I took a picture of the Beautiful Moon before I went in to sleep. Giving humble Gratitude. It looks like I wasn't the only one Happy and Grateful...