Sometimes I look out my apartment window and I see the Beautiful ānuenue, or rainbow, hovering over Majestic Mānoa Valley. When I see the Rainbow there, I often think about my great-great grandfather, George Ka Hale 'Awapuhi o Ka'ahumanu i uka o Mānoa Huddy. George "The Ginger House of Queen Ka'ahumanu in the uplands of Mānoa" Huddy. 

One day, I will cross that Rainbow Bridge, and hopefully see my great-great grandfather and find out how he came to carry that most interesting name. My biggest hope will be that he is proud of me and my Life and all I have tried to do to honor him and all of my Beautiful ancestors and family. 

I think we will embrace, and cry, when we first see each other, and our tears will mix and cascade down from the Heavens over Beautiful Mānoa Valley, and with that tearful rain, more Rainbows will be created for the Living to see. To keep Hope Alive.


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