Today, while driving home in afternoon traffic, a song came on from the 1980s. It quickly transported me back in time. I looked over at my son, Koa, as he slept in the passenger seat exhausted from school. My mind, tired as well, had entered a relaxed state with the stop and go vehicular crawl. Suddenly, the singer's voice was bringing all of the energy from that decade back and I was there again. My Mother, Father and Sister were all still alive. So were many other family members, Beautiful friends, famous people, and so many others who have transitioned since then.

I stared out of the windshield into the Beautiful Blue Cloud laden Sky as so many Scenes from my Life flashed by. One after another, simply segueing into each other. Mostly Beautiful Tearful moments, Poignant. Pure Joy. Some Fearful. Terrifying. Painful and Sorrowful. Even some Shameful. Yet they all painted a Beautiful Tapestry of How Truly Blessed and Amazing this Miraculous Life is. 

Snippets of World and Hawaiian History appeared. Faces from people in my past. The Marvels of Humankind. Tears began to quietly and softly flow. The realization and magnitude that this moment could even conceivably exist was incomprehensible in and of itself.

In the expanse of the Universe. A million moments in my Life so far. None of them could possibly or conceivably ever be mundane. Each was truly special. I was overwhelmed with Gratitude and such Humility, that I could be here stuck in traffic recollecting how Truly Beautiful my Life has been. Even the tears and pain were invaluable learning lessons and growth opportunities. I was Promised nothing and Owed nothing, in my Life, and in this World, from the time Whence I Emerged from Star Dust and Genuine Everlasting Love.

To everyone I was Blessed to ever have crossed Paths with, in a Chaotic Destiny, so Grateful. Everything seemed so connected, throughout my Entire Life, throughout the Entire World, and even the known and conceivable Universe as well. It was a moment of unprecedented Clarity for me. Overwhelming to be Honest. I simply had to stop myself from going one Step Further as Time and Space seemed to be collapsing inward into One Existence, and my Heart was beginning to pound.

So I snapped out of it with some effort. I refocused on the music. The traffic. Things I needed to get done tonight. Tomorrow. This weekend. Next week. I arrived back in myself again. 

Reflecting on how Profoundly Beautiful it is to Love another person. On this Shared Journey. And How even more Incredibly Beautiful and Precious it is, to simply be Loved, by another Soul on this Shared Journey. And the most Beautiful, Precious and Sacred Gift of them All. Beyond Life. Beyond Existence itself.

To Love you...

Humbly Grateful for the Journey. Always and Forever...