Often, after a difficult long day, I retreat to a nightly hot shower and gaze out of my little bathroom window into the fading Light and Twilight's welcomed arrival, as I stand under the pouring cleansing and healing waters. This often leads me to go through what I would characterize as a "Role Call of the Dead." 

I reflect upon my daily struggles, as well as my successes. I then recall family and friends who have departed from this Life and Realm. In no particular order, just those that enter my mind as the hot water cascades over me, washing away the burdens of the day. 

I recognize each Soul who visits my Heart and lingers quietly in my Mind, and express my Deepest Gratitude for the time they spent with me on this Shared Journey. Grateful for their Kindness. Their Teachings. Their Inspiration. Their Forgiveness. Their Suffering and Sacrifices. Their Love...

I let them know how their Memory still provides my Heart much needed Refuge. Hoping that they will Realize just how Important and Meaningful their Lives were, and still are, to me and so many others, despite any regrets they may hold onto in the Afterlife. 

I truly no longer take credit for the successes in my Life or accomplishments. I always give it up to Ke Akua, my Spirit Guides, Helpers and Angels. My Departed Family. My Ancestors. All those of whom I am a product of in this Life.

Deeply Humbled and Blessed to have so many Loving Wise Mentors and Teachers in the Spirit World who impact my Life daily, sometimes by each challenging moment by moment, often keeping me Alive and Here.

Likewise, when the Living bite at me, or try to disparage me, I have learned not to be angry, sad, or resentful, which only serves to lower my Vibrations and set me back in my Spiritual Growth. I send Love, Light and Peace back to them. Forgiveness as well.

Even when I take Spiritual hits which often  unfortunately manifest into Physical maladies especially when combined with my own Karmic baggage and lessons, I must do my Best to not descend into the pit of Anger and carefully monitor both my Thoughts and Words.

And as for my Spiritual Companions and Protectors, all they ask of me, is that I simply Keep my Love. Forgive. Walk the Talk. And Genuinely Give it Up and Unto Them to Handle through Trust and Faith...