In college, around 1987, our Photography 101 Professor would give us assignments by giving us a word and asking us to capture what the word meant to us. This particular assignment centered on the word, "Ancient."

I wasn't feeling particularly motivated and ended up putting talcum powder in my hair, rubbed poi on my face and let it dry, and then became "The Mummy." I didn't even bother wrapping myself with toilet paper and just wore my t-shirt. 

I might look more like a cackling witch than a mummy. Or maybe a warlock? Or a witchy-warlock? Or maybe a crazed college student who fell face first into two kilos of cocaine.

My father could make this same face and it struck me how much I look like him. I never showed this photograph to anyone outside my photography class for the past thirty-years.

Now I don't really care showing it to the World because Life is way too short to worry about how bad you look...hahaha...