This 'O'io, or bonefish, was caught on a special day at a special place by a fisherman we met by chance. Bonefish. Iwi. 'Oi'o. Same spelling. Different pronunciation. It means the same as huaka'i po. The ghostly procession of a chief and his departed company of warriors. The sign was very clear. The message even clearer. And as I looked into the eye of the slowly dying fish. I knew he now knew the secrets so many seek...


Anonymous said…
They are coming.
Huaka'i Po.
They are walking through that house.
Those people can hear them.
Those people can see them.
Those people can feel them.
Those people can smell them.
Those people can taste them.
Huaka'i Po before those people's eyes.
Hauka'i Po in their minds when they close their eyes.
In their ears, in their mouths, in their noses, in their hearts, in their guts, in their hands, in their feet
When those people keep the Sleepers from their Sleep
So too, they kept from their sleep.
The dreams never stop coming.
There is never rest, when there is never rest.
And those people do not know,
But the Sleepers can use the rainbow as a bridge
To any land where the dreams can reach.
Ka`iana said…
Mahalo no...he pono i...

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