I started more serious photography just to help me capture, observe and remember details of this Beautiful World to allow me to revisit and more carefully observe my surroundings. Then it became more of a way to Honor the immense and infinite Divine Grace that surrounds all of us in an often chaotic modern Life. Then also a way to help others capture memories of their special days and of people they Love. Then trying to capture the Healing Spirit present and extend it far beyond the ephemeral moments, and share it far and wide for those who couldn't be there. 

I learned to not only pray before I try to capture an event, to help capture His Healing Divine Presence and Spirit, for His Glory, and not mine as some supposed popular photographer, but also to capture the Beautiful Healing Spirit present. I often shoot where my na'au, or visceral Heart tells me to focus. I consider guidance from my Spirit Guides, my ancestors and Angels, and always give credit to them.

It is often hard to immerse myself in an event because I am constantly thinking, moving, feeling and capturing away purposefully detaching myself from being truly in the moment. I am in constant prayer during the photographing as well. Giving humble gratitude for captures that I know cannot come from any amount of photographic skill in the World. They are treasured gifts. 

My camera at the 'Onipa'a commemoration was acting up and I try my best to not block people or get in the way of others trying to capture video or photography, so I try to stay humble and pray for the best captures. Shooting over people's shoulders, in between outstretched arms, moving heads, any way I can always with gratitude as I maneuvered in the masses of our people. 

Often, the only time I can truly immerse myself in the Spirit and Emotions of an event, is when I am at home, downloading photos, opening and enlarging each one like a Blessed Gift. I see people in the photos who I didn't see there in person. Love bursts forth from my Heart. I see the details of Beauty and Love and Grace and Compassion. I am often moved to tears witnessing each scene and all that it contains. Many photos make me humbly grateful for the presence and assistance of Spirit in helping capture shots that wouldn't be possible with any amount of technical expertise. 

So as I go through the photos from the 'Onipa'a event, I am able to finally be there and present in the moment. As music flows through my headphones, I savor each one. I savor the Beauty and Grace of a Divine Presence. I give thanks, often with tears, as I am moved by the images. And all of the Healing Beauty they contain, the Hope, the Light, which I so desperately need. To keep me Alive. To keep me Here...


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