I traveled to Kaua'i yesterday for an evening meeting. I made sure that I went a little early to do some work related site visits before the meeting. I stopped by Kōloa to visit Kāneiolouma Heiau to see the progress in the restoration effort led by a hui of inspiring friends and visionaries. 

Kaua'i is my kulaiwi, the place of my ancestors where their bones lay in the ground. I always feel at home when I visit this Beloved island, which is unfortunately, given my Life's path, not very often.

I was led to kāko'o, to assist, with different cultural issues on Kaua'i, and especially in Kōloa for the past two decades and only relatively recently discovered that my great-great grandmother, Mary Kapule Naea's parents were born in Kōloa in the 1840s. Kalopili Naea and Ka'uhane Kuku, my great-great-great grandparents. Kalopili's parents, my 4th great grandparents were Naea and Kamanō (the Shark).

It brought a whole new deeper meaning to my visits to Kōloa. As I quietly reflected at Kāneiolouma Heiau and walked softly around the area, I could feel the strong presence of many ancestors around me, quietly watching and observing me. As I was surrounded, in my quiet contemplation and reflection, by many tourists in the area, out and about, with their beach blankets, snorkels, laughter, excitement and some slightly inebriated with loud raucous voices, I realized that the area is forever changed. 

I realized that my ancestors, those who remained in the area, who haven't ascended yet and moved on the next part of their Journey, were observing me, to see how I behaved among the diverse energies and people descending upon this sacred area. It was then that I realized, that how I moved through that space and time, would ultimately help define who I would become. 

I also realized, more importantly, that how I acted, under their watchful eyes, would ultimately define not just me, but would also help to define them. My Ancestors. Those still present. Who they would ultimately become. 

We are Forever Inextricably Linked together. Through those Fine, Powerful, often Invisible Unbreakable Tethers of Love, Humility and Gratitude...


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