Tonight, I quietly watched the mass of heavy rain laden clouds hovering over Kou, or Honolulu as she is now commonly called. Mourning the loss of a Beautiful photographer friend, Sean King, who tragically passed today amongst the pāhoehoe and 'a'ā lava fields of Moku o Keawe.

Sean was an inspiration who captured great beauty, amidst great danger. An Awesome brother. He kept encouraging me to come shoot with him. He said he would take me to some unreal places and we could shoot together. I was very humbled and kept thinking about a possible trip with him every time I returned to Volcano to visit 'ohana.

As much as I am always in Awe of the lava ocean entry and all the amazing photographers who capture it, something deep inside my na'au, quietly and deeply told me that it wasn't meant for me. As epic as my mind's eye could see the captures, I just couldn't bring myself to go.

I once was in the direct presence of akua Pele and akua Kanaloa at Halema'uma'u during a small ceremony and couldn't do anything other than cry and sob. It was so incredibly humbling.

It is the same with the summit of Mauna Kea. I so want to capture the Heavens up there. The sacred pu'u. Lake Waiau. However, the Goddess Poli'ahu recently lamented to a gifted friend, "Must man destroy everything that is Sacred?  Is there no place left that is truly Sacred? Man does not belong up there."

Simply put. I am man. I don't belong up there. Despite my photographic desires. I have to Honor and Respect those who Love and Protect me. That is just me. Not a commentary on any other person or their relationship and kuleana.

Thank you brother Sean for bringing so many of us the Awe of this Powerful place of Creation. For your Friendship, Love and now, Sacrifice. Love you brother... Send me pictures of Heaven...


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