On the plains of 'Ewa, there is Kaupe'a. Historical sources cite the area as a place where ghosts who have not been claimed by their 'ohana, their 'aumakua, or who haven't found a leina, or leaping place into the next World, aimlessly wander. There is a leina however, in the area. At One'ula. The Blood or Royal sands. There were coconut trees that grew in alignment with the configuration of constellations up above in the Heavens. Those were unfortunately cut down by the developer in the area. 

Some Beautiful and humble gifted friends often help bring Light and Energy down from the Heavens to help those trapped here finally ascend if they are ready to. Sometimes the ancestors board wa'a, or canoes, and the canoes ascend with those ready aboard. Sometimes they use your living body and the Light, Space and Energy you hold for them, as a conduit and portal to Ascend to a higher level of Heaven.

Wave after wave of vibrational energy pulsates through your Being. The only thing you are left with is the Love and Gratitude of the Ancestors as they return to Kahiki. 

The great O'ahu Chief Kalanikūpule still wanders the area. I think he has much unfinished business here still.

There is no greater Love and Purpose here other than to give to others. Especially those in need, who without their suffering and hardships, you wouldn't even exist. Aloha kekahi i kekahi. Love One Another...