Today I went to visit Keaīwa Heiau in 'Aiea Heights, a sacred medicinal and healing temple. About twenty years ago, about the time my first son was born, a small group of us planted a red 'ōhi'a lehua tree next to the heiau. I remember the small ceremony. Digging the hole. Placing a small red fish into the hole before the rootball of the sapling went in. We were all grateful to restore a tree that once thrived there, and still resides further up the mountain.

I last saw it about three years ago and it was so tall that I almost didn't recognize it as the tree we had planted. It was so large and beautiful with blossoms. I had participated in yet another small ceremony at Keaīwa helping gifted people clear pathways from mauka to makai to help trapped wandering Souls finally ascend and return home.

They left in a Spirit procession all the way down to Pearl Harbor where we ended the day in another ceremony. Mo'oinanea even showed up to assist in the endeavor. It was humbling and memorable. I remember that lehua tree vividly.

I stopped by today as I had wanted to eventually capture a photo of Elliott next to the tree since they are about the same age. 

To my shock, the tree was gone, and only a circular patch of dirt was left in the grass where it once stood. I was speechless. I don't know what happened. I kind of wandered around aimlessly for awhile after that. Kind of numb and in a daze.

That is until I came across this Beautiful bee having her lunch which consisted of the oozing sap from one of the many Pine trees in the park. It was Amazing to stumble upon her, as I kept her company while she harvested the sweet sugary goodness. 

She was very kind and accommodating of my curiosity and intrusion so close to her while she worked. I lamented to her, and shared the story of the 'ohi'a lehua tree we had planted twenty-years ago and how it was suddenly gone.

She then shared with me that her Life expectancy was unknown, maybe a few months, but she was sure of one thing, that she would surely not live beyond six months. The whole time spent working feverishly for the Greater Good, for her entire Life.

She then shared that for twenty years, that lehua tree provided sublime Beauty to this special sacred area. The Beautiful delicate blossoms fed thousands of her bee companions over the decades and brought sweetness and meaning to their daily work and lives. Visitors to the heiau photographed the inspiring flowers. Birds sought refuge in her tall branches. Kūpuna, or elders, sought shade and respite from the sweltering Sun under her expansive branches and leaves. All was good in the end. 

I apologized for my selfishness. It quickly put everything into perspective for me. For she possesses a truly Ephemeral Life. Savor each precious moment. Don't focus on, dwell upon, or overly lament the many losses in this Life. They are part of the Richness of Experiences of this Sacred Journey of the Soul.

Mourn. Grieve. Lament. Move on. Never forget. But move on in humble gratitude for the amount of precious fleeting time spent together, whether long or short. And always with Love...

I have such Treasured and Beautiful memories of that bright red lehua tree. The planting. The astonishment decades later. The adjacent memorable ceremonies. And now that my Lehua is gone, meeting another little Beautiful friend whom I would have never met but for my aimless grief stricken wandering.

As we parted ways, and I thanked her for the quick poignant lesson, I sadly said, "You know, we may never see each other again in this Life, just knowing how busy we both are, and how time flies and all."

She smiled, and replied, "Oh don't worry. Love is Eternal. We Shall see each other again. Many, many times. I Promise..."

I then walked back to my car. I marveled at the massive Kukui tree standing there, not far from where our Beloved 'ōhi'a lehua tree once stood.  It was still there, massive, standing strong, growing. I am sure he too missed his Beautiful companion who shared his Life in the Sun and in the Rain. Sharing intimate whispers at Night of whatever secrets such trees share with each other. 

And when I looked at that now empty space, I could still see that lehua tree. In all of her Beautiful brilliance. She still stood so strong and noble. Still there in Memory. Still there in my Heart. Still there in Sacred Irrepressible Spirit. For Love Truly is Eternal. Mahalo Ke Akua...


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