Today, as I was headed back to my office after helping out with a Blessing for a Special Event at the Capitol, I stopped by the Queen's Statue again, as I had initially did that morning when I first arrived. This time, however, I had an adornment of a Beautiful Fragrant Maile Lei that had been given with Love. I in turn, was able to offer it to the Queen to keep the Love Alive.

As I offered Tribute, sounding my conch shell, before my chant, I peripherally noticed a single Black woman standing off to the side of the fence by 'Iolani Palace watching intently. As I chanted, she slowly made her way behind the Queen's statue such that I lost sight of her. I could however, feel her presence behind the Queen. She remained there quietly until I was finished conversing with Lili'uokalani. 

I then blew my conch one last time, said my goodbyes to my Queen, and turned to continue my walk. She emerged out from behind the statue and smiled at me. I stopped and headed towards her. She was dressed colorfully and had a powerful calming presence about her. 

I briefly explained to her why I was there, and what I had just did, with the conch and chanting for our Queen, as I usually end up explaining to visitors and locals alike who curiously stumble upon such a scene. As I untied my kīhei from my shoulder to place it into my bag, she commented on how beautiful my shell was.

I pulled it out of my bag and handed it to her. She held it so carefully and turned it around and around as she looked at it intently. 

I explained that this shell was my Kihapū, and it had been in the family since the 1960s and I only cut the tip of the shell off relatively recently. I first heard its deep resonating sounds after over forty-years of just holding it.

I shared that it had been used at so many gatherings, ceremonies, funerals, birthdays, sacred events, parades, huaka'i, and other Hawaiian protocol assemblies to kāhea Spirit, to call in the Ancestors. 

She closed her eyes and held the giant shell up to her ear. I smiled and said the ocean is always with you. She listened quietly for awhile, as we stood there in mid-morning Sun.

I asked if she lived here or was visiting. She was soft-spoken and said she was living here but that she would be leaving soon.

Then she opened her eyes, and she placed the shell opening close to her mouth, and she began to softly sing the most Beautiful clear-toned gospel song. Her Angelic voice resonated within the shell and reverberated through my body.

I stood there, listening. Watching intently, as she closed her eyes, and continued her Soulful Sweet Song. Tears began to fill my eyes at the Soft Beauty of it all.  Time momentarily stood still as if it was just the two of us in the World.

She ended her song and opened her eyes. I said, "Wow...that was so intensely Beautiful."

She smiled and began examining the shell again. I told her that she made me tear up as I wiped my eyes.  She looked up at me as our gaze met. 

She held the shell up by her mouth again and sang a few more Beautiful Melodic verses. I was once again mesmerized. She then looked wistfully at the shell, and gently outstretched her arms to hand it back to me.

I smiled and said, "Your Sweet Voice is now a part of this shell. When I sound it again, your Mana will be there. A part of its Healing Journey. Thank you for that."

She said, "Sometimes you climb up the mountain, the highest part, to talk to God. You are so close to Heaven. You are transported to another place however. Without even noticing it."

I said that was so true as I shared with her about the three piko on our bodies and the piko "I" on the fontanel, and how we communicate with God and the Ancestors through that portal. I also talked about Mauna-a-Wākea being the piko "I" for Earth connecting the Heavens to the Ocean Floor.

She smiled and said, "I saw you give your Gift to the Queen. Your conch shell blowing and your words were your gift. Your foliage was your gift. Sometimes your Gift becomes someone else's gift. They stumble upon it and think, wow, a Gift I didn't expect."

I said that is so true. We often Bless and Gift each other without realizing it. I then held her hands and said, "You were my Gift today. Truly. Your Beautiful songs. I am very Grateful."

She smiled. We embraced tightly and I said "Thank you again. Much Love to you.  I know our paths will cross again."

We parted there as we slowly left in opposite directions. I was on such a High. In humble gratitude for Life. Gratitude for such small moments in Life. Small moments that end up meaning the World in the End of Life's Journey.

As I turned, there before me, approaching the Queen, were two Beautiful friends and brothers from Wai'anae and their two Beautiful Maori guests from Aotearoa. We Embraced and Shared Aloha. We rarely see each other in these busiest of days and times. It was another Blessing. Expressing our Love and Aloha in Sweet Embraces. Meeting two Soul sisters from Aotearoa was equally Beautiful. 

I mentioned to them my encounter with my new friend briefly as I glanced back towards where my new friend had just left me, but finding her nowhere to be seen.  Just the Queen standing in her Dignified Solitude.

I was hoping that they saw my new friend standing with me as she and I parted ways and as they approached. Wondering myself if she was real and really here. Sometimes people show up as Angels in Disguise. Beautiful Spirits. Been there many a time before. Humbly Grateful. Mahalo Ke Akua...


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