Cover Up...

I decided to walk home tonight from work. It became dark quickly as we are in the Winter months. I happened upon a Beautiful tree with a friendly face. I struck up a conversation while looking up at the face on the tree. 

I became a little oblivious to my surroundings and after what seemed like a few minutes of conversing and taking a few photos, I glanced down and noticed an older Asian woman had stopped slightly behind me and was looking at me and up at the tree and back over at me with mouth agape and a perplexed look on her face. 

Slightly embarrassed, I quickly put my hand up to my ear on the opposite side of my head to her and pretending to push and hold a button, I exclaimed loudly, "I'm sorry... I am going to have to call you back. I really need to run now and besides, there is a woman staring at me."

I then turned an smiled at her, said "Have a Goodnight!" and hurriedly walked off. 

Whew...that was close...