While waiting for my son Elliott to finish his class at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, I stumbled upon a curious sight. What I had thought at first was a Butterfly, upon closer inspection, looked more like a giant Walking Stick insect. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was neither, but what I believe to be a Beautiful Tree Fairy who had just expired because her body was slightly warm to the touch.

She was so Fragile, Delicate and Beautiful, even in passing. 

My first thought was to excitedly bring her over to the Biology building and show her to the faculty there. I realized that her discovery, and subsequent study and documentation, and most likely necropsy, would create quite the stir not only here in Hawai'i, but most likely around the World. Proof of Tree Fairies. Scientific Proof.  Published in Scientific Journals around the World. UH would be famous.

However, that inclination quickly dissipated upon staring at her quiet peaceful countenance as she lay there on her Eternal Journey of Peace. 

So I carefully picked her up, cradling her little Lifeless body in my hands, and transported her to a quiet garden area near the ahu, the stone altar, at the Queen Lilu'okalani Center for Student Services. There, I carefully and respectfully buried her in a little ceremony as I prayed for her Eternal Journey of Love, Light and Everlasting Peace.

Upon retrieving Elliott, I quietly reflected upon my decision, which had ramifications far beyond  our island shores. However, I was at Peace. Almost as much Peace as my Beautiful little Fairy Friend.

You see I grew up believing in Fairies. In Angels. In an All Powerful Creator. In many Mystical and Cryptic Sentient Beings that share this Universe with ourselves as Humans. The Elemental Spirits in Nature. The kupua beings in rocks, streams and trees. The Spirits in the Wind. The Ocean. 

What I want for my sons, is a World in which we don't need to prove the existence or non-existence of these Magical Mystical Beings. I want a World where we understand the Healing Power of Faith. Where we treat all Life, all sentient Beings, with Love, Compassion, Dignity and Respect equally. That means all Humans too.

I want my children's children's children to believe in Miracles and Magical Creatures. To have a Life of Wonderment. To share tales of Mystical Sightings. Amazing encounters. To utilize their Imaginations in this increasingly information and data driven technological World.

Instead of trying to solve all of Life's Mysteries, all the Mysteries of the Universe, why not unlock the Mysteries of our own Hearts. Our Hopes. Our Loves. Our Despair. Our Sorrow. Our Kindness. Our Amazing Irrepressible Spirits that reside in each one of us in our Physical Beings. That Essence of Life, of Soul, that Transitions out of our Lifeless corporeal Bodies at the End of this Amazing Spiritual Journey.

The Sacredness and Dignity of my Sweet Little Departed Tree Fairy Friend...outweighed the rest of the World's desire and need to prove that this Magical Mystical Divine Being existed. That she was Real.

For she is Real. And she brought out the best in me as a member of Humanity. My Caring, Kindness, Compassion, Sorrow, and Love...

Important things a suffering World needs right now more than ever...

For those who are upset at my actions and feel you had a right to know. Please forgive me and I humbly ask that you just gaze into the mirror.

We are All Magical Mystical Divine Beings. 

Each and Every One of Beautifully Mysterious Us...