Kaumaha noho'i...

I stopped by 'Iolani Palace tonight before they closed the gates at 11:00pm to find my houseless brother Kalani. He was sitting in the dark reflecting upon our Queen, Ke Akua and the Palace.

He was going to lay down outside of the front doors to sleep tonight and seek Respite, Guidance, and Healing on this Christmas Eve. A Communion with Ke Akua, our Queen and the Ancestors. He was willing to get arrested as well.

The 'ohana with him tonight decided that it is best if he returns on another night. He can do so much more right now not being incarcerated.

He wears a Heart shaped mirror around his neck so people can see themselves, and the Love he possesses for them, reflected in the Mirror.

I shared with him that some of our ancestors, wore stone mirrors around their neck, pōhaku kilo. Placed in 'umeke, wooden bowls, with water and kukui nut oil covering the surface, one could see their reflection in the black stone. The stones were also used for divination and sorcery.

Kalani's Mirror revealed that our Queen was in his Heart and on his Mind tonight. I Love him Dearly...


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