I awoke last night, in the wee hours of a still darkened new day. My Spirit Guides were letting a flow of imagery pass in front of my still closed resting eyes, while words and thoughts gently presented themselves to me. Often tears would well up at the sheer Beauty of the imagery, or at the powerful Healing thoughts, lessons and understanding. 

I was in no shape to get up and commit any of these lessons and guidance to written form and apologized that I needed to drift off again to slumber, praying that I could remember what I needed to remember to memorialize it later that night. I am not sure I was able to but I shall give it at try.

Like so many others, I was still numb and trying to process the tragedy and sheer violence of the previous day at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard. I have also been trying to process the seeming increase in gun violence, assaults, burglaries, thefts and murder in this Land of Aloha.

It was then that I reflected upon the growing uneasiness in my Soul. For all that has been lost. For the sorrow of what may never be again in this Beautiful island Home. The innocence and magic of my childhood is not the same that I had hoped for my own children. For all the children.

Then it Dawned on me. Ke Ao. The Awakening. Yet is wasn't the Sunrise of a New Day which was still hours away, that provided me the image of Light and Hope. It was the Moon.

It was a reminder of a Shining Moment of Moonlight over the Night Blooming Cereus. 

In the darkest of night. Awakening the Ephemeral Blossom that won't live to see that next Sunrise. A Life of One Singular Night. 

Making the most of limited time here to give the World all the Love, Reflected Light, and Beauty you can muster. Such that the Beautiful Memory of you shall Salve broken Hearts for generations.

Yes. Tragedy and horror presented themselves. Against a somber backdrop when dozens here in the islands also drew their last breaths. 

Some at the hands of others. Some tragically by their own hands in self-inflicted desperate acts of Deep Despair in the pits of forlorn darkness.

Some drowning in terrified gasping water filled breaths in the very same salt waters that Heal, Cleanse and Renew Life in others. 

Some in mangled and twisted vehicle metal, and others struck by errant inattentive drivers. Some in hospitals in bodies ravaged by disease. Some in hospice surrounded by loved ones. Others quietly in their own beds. Seemingly entering the Hereafter Alone.

Some wandering off confused, trapped in a mind that no longer remembers anything, and in their confusion and exhaustion, and desperation, entering wooded areas and falling down to drift into Eternal Slumber.

But then I realized, that for every Salient Sorrowful moment here. Every act of cruelty. Every hurtful action. There were thousands of unreported, unacknowledged, and unnoticed Moments of Sheer Love and Kindness for each of these dark acts.

The new lives born in hospitals across these islands and in home births, bringing this Incredible Cycle of Humanity back around. Death and Birth. Rebirth. 

There were tens of thousands of acts of kindness and compassion all over these islands, in a single tragic day.

People helping each other. Forgiving each other. Expressing their Love for one another. Sacrifices by parents for their children. For each other. Sacrifices of individuals for complete strangers. To lend a hand. To lend an ear. To give charity. To give encouragement. To suffer at work, despite exhaustion, to provide sustenance and shelter for those under their care. To still show kindness. Compassion.

There were people who let other drivers into gridlock, with a smile and wave, despite the crushing rush to get somewhere and the endless frustration of our traffic. A thousand moments of Aloha in a day. Holding the door open for the person behind you. Helping kupuna with a smile and word of encouragement. 

Teachers sacrificing so much to lift the Spirits and Minds of all those in their classrooms. Thousands of children impacted by Love and Caring during a single tragic day. Our Future.

There were marriages. New Love. Rekindling Love. Fluttering Hearts. And even for some, the Ending of relationships and unions which would ultimately provide such Soul growth and lessons down the road, making for short term Heartache, but hopefully Happiness and Enlightenment in the End.

People not only professing, but truly showing their Love and Care for Each Other. Tens of Thousands in a single Tragic Day.

Tens of thousands Bright Lights shimmering across these Islands that keep the Powerful Transformative Healing Salve of Aloha Alive and Well.

These islands have weathered storms against Humanity in the past. The brutal horrific wars of the ancient days and armed conflicts of more recent memory. The epidemics and mass tragedy of population loss. The famines. The slaughter of, and by, warring armies. The sacrificed members of families, of distant 'ohana, burned in the underground ovens of war, or strangled to provide the sacrifice to appease the gods.

Yet, despite the overwhelming tragedy and death of our collective history here, the dark periods and seemingly irreparable changes.  Peace and Aloha arose. In this Land of Aloha...

There remains so much Hope and Beauty in these islands. So many are drawn here, to Her palpable Healing Spirit and Presence. An Aloha that shall never die or be extinguished. That shall not change. That shall never change from the contrary, hurtful, or hateful and desperate acts of some who arrive on her shores. 

It shall be the people drawn here who ultimately change, because of Her. Because of Aloha.

We shall never Give Up our Love for the 'Aina. The Land and Sea. The Love for Each Other. Despite the horror that we encounter. And sadly, that we will continue to encounter. 

We Shall Prevail. If we remain Steadfast to Love and Aloha.  True to Ourselves. True to Each Other.

Life as we have come to know and Love here in Hawai'i depends upon it. As does the rest of the hurting World.

Like that Ephemeral Blossom living her Life surrounded by Darkness. Make the most of each day. Shine your Beauty and Emanate Aloha out and into a darkened World. Be a Beacon of Love, Light and Hope. 

The World shall not Define us in its Horrific Tragedies. We shall Define the World. Our Lives. Our Beloved Islands. In our Love and Aloha...

In Beautiful Remembrance of All Those Loved and Lost...

Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi...

Love One Another...
As I Love you...


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