Some years ago, a friend of mine went down to Waipi'o Valley to visit a family property. He came back out of the valley and then called me the next morning. As we talked, he mentioned someone's name, a man who was living down there now. 

He asked me if I knew him. I said his name didn't sound familiar. He then said, "Well, he knew of your father, The Colonel, and when I mentioned that I was down there checking on the property for you, he was excited." I laughed, and said, "What?"

He continued, "Well, I mentioned that I was there on behalf of The Colonel's son, Kai Markell. He then exclaimed, 'Oh my God! Kai! That man saved my life years ago! 

Intrigued, my friend asked him how. He replied, "I was stuck in the middle of Ka'u around midnight, with no lights and a broken down car. I gave up hope. Then along comes Kai and he drives past, then does a U-Turn and he ended up driving me home."

I laughed when I heard that story. I asked again, "What was his name?" For the life of me I didn't remember that event. It had to have occurred over twenty-two years ago when I was living on Hawai'i Island for awhile after law school. 

I said, "How embarrassing. I don't remember right now that incident."

My friend said, "Well, he remembers you!" We both laughed. I felt horrible.

It took some reflection, and slowly the vague fog of time dissipated and the memory creeped back in. I must have driven to Kona over the Saddle Road during the day, and then decided to drive around the Southern portion of the island to return back to Volcano.

I remember driving along that dark long stretch of road past Punalu'u and Pahala, when I passed a car in the dark. I could only make out a solitary figure next to an open hood as I sped by focused on the endless road. The blackest of nights and most desolate stretch of road in a truly rural area.

I remember my na'au told me to turn around. I did. I met a man who was standing by his car in the dark. We spoke and he shared his predicament. I offered to drive him home after we locked up and secured his car. We spoke at length during the ride and he was super appreciative when I dropped him off.

I never gave that night a second thought. 

However, after hearing about his man and how he so remembered that dark night, and his desperation and apprehension, I realized that sometimes we do small acts of compassion and kindness, that can leave a much larger lasting impression on the recipient than we realize.

I then thought about all the bright points of Light, Kindness, Compassion and Love that so many people in my Life Blessed me with, which altered the course of my Life Forever.

Like a 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Gima, who praised my ability to read through so many school books so quickly and comprehend them. Which then sparked my interest in having my Mother take me to the local library to check out Hardy Boys Mysteries each week where I consumed each story with great anticipation. Then other books. That led to my Love of reading. Which led to my Love of Writing. Which led me to right here.

I don't think Mrs. Gima would remember one complimentary encouraging comment to one little boy in a class of a hundred, and in successive years of thousands of little lives she touched in various ways.

But I remember. I will never forget.

Be Kind. Compassionate. Encouraging. Patient. Loving and Caring with Each Other.

You never know how your Light will positively impact another Human's Soul Journey here, and help them as they Remember who they Truly Are, on the dark paths of this World and in this Life. 

As we All collectively Remember who we Are, and how to find our way Home...

Sparkle your Beautiful Bright Loving Radiance all over this place. All over this World...

Much Love...