Last night, I went out to the North Shore for my third and final sharing with my houseless 'ohana before they transition into housing with assistance for several months to help get them back onto their feet. Another cohort will come next week for their three-week program. 

I was able to finally get into the ocean after over a year because I arrived early. It is almost criminal to live in Hawai'i and not find, or make the time, to Heal and Cleanse in Ka Wai Ho'ōla a Kanaloa. The Healing Waters of Kanaloa. I released so much pent up stress and let the Healing waters  engulf me as I dunked my own head into the salvation from whence I came to Earth.

I will miss my new friends and pray for their success as I look forward to meeting some new friends next week. It was particularly poignant for me, as I watched the Setting of the Sun over Ka'ena where one of the most famous Leina, or Leaping Points for the Soul is, as my good friend who connected me with this service is watching his life-partner slowly fade away in a slow painful attrition of her own choosing. Death arrives sometimes when we are least prepared. 

The lessons for the evening. Your Life is wholly in your hands. You can change everything tomorrow morning with the Rising Sun. You can even change starting this Night. Your words, and thoughts, have great Power. Use them wisely to lift others, and yourself. Forgiveness is key in this Life. Forgive Others. Seek Forgiveness. Most Importantly, Forgive Yourself. 

Do not Live in the Past filled with regret, anger, sorrow and impossible wishes to change the Past. Embrace your Darkness as it is the Greatest Teacher in allowing you to learn, release and move forward to become the Person you want to be. The Amazing Beautiful person you are Meant to Be.

And from Divine Sage Wisdom of Papal or Hindu origin, We are Born to Serve Others. To Help Each other. Not compete with, hurt, or kill each other. We are here to Help Each Other on this Miraculous Beautiful Shared Journey of Life. 

And as Hard and as Difficult as Life gets, Life can, and does, become Truly Beautiful when you find your Happiness. And Life becomes even more Profoundly Beautiful when others can find their own Happiness, simply and genuinely because of you. What you Lovingly Bring to Humanity.

Be a Pu'uhonua. A place of Refuge for others. Of Non-Judgment. Of Safety. Of Healing. Of Love. And be a Pu'uhonua, a Beautiful Place of Refuge and Solace, for yourself.

Do not Fear anything in this Life. Not even Death. Our Souls are Truly Immortal. What a Blessed Existence, this Human Journey of our Souls. To learn what is most valuable in the Entire Universe.


Our Love for Each Other...