I just woke up from a nap and glanced outside my lanai to see the silhouette of a large raptor circling and gliding above the Ala Moana and Kaheka area darkened against the setting Sun. I watched in stunned silence and awe as it soared around and around getting closer and closer. 

With my Heart pounding, I ran to my bedroom to grab my camera and put on the telephoto lens, returning only to find it had disappeared out of sight.  It looked eagle size, more than hawk. I stayed outside for twenty-minutes, scanning the sky, hoping it would come back, to no avail. My Heart is still racing as I sit here an write this. 

It reminded me of the time I flew 5000 miles to rescue my father in D.C. in 2014 and saw two large Golden Eagles circling above my rental car as I left the rental place near Dulles Airport. 

About seven months ago, an ancient Grandmother of mine came through a gifted friend and let me know she and the ancestors on my Father's side, which predate my Iroquois lineage (Mohawk and Seneca), were watching over me and wanted me to know this and connect with them. My friend described their dancing ceremony around a fire as they waved the smoke over me, as I sat quietly in humble tears.

They also confirmed that is indeed them, who sent the two Golden Eagles, as a sign to encourage and support me in my effort to rescue my father as I was indeed alone, scared and nervous as to the possibility of an epic failure on my part to do what I came to do.

A most Beautiful hō'ailona and treasured memory tonight just from momentarily witnessing the silhouette of a large raptor here in Hawai'i. Whether is it was a real Eagle, from across the ocean, or just a Spiritual one from across the Veil, I guess I will never know.

And I am perfectly fine with that...