I had watched the dramatic CNN helicopter rescue footage of Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmurga forces rescuing stranded Yazidi refugees on Mount Sinjar this past week. Relief supplies were thrown and strewn about to desperate people clamoring for little packaged pieces of their last hope. Children and elders have already died from dehydration and exhaustion. I watched the cases of water thrown, knowing that one small case will probably be shared among a hundred people. Thinking about the recent greedy hoarding of water locally during our recent hurricane “scare.”

Under heavy gunfire, an effort was made to try to help. The reality of tens of thousands of men, women, children, and babies…fleeing from certain horrific death at a genocidal level of infliction, was heart wrenching to witness.  I felt helpless, especially from over 8000 miles away.

When the helicopter touched down, those fortunate to be close enough to the craft, stormed with children and babies in hand, trying to evacuate those they could, to hold onto the promise of the slightest hope for survival. The tears, confusion, and pain was so evident on the faces of everyone. What parent hasn’t promised that solemn oath to protect their child from any and all harm. Then to find yourself under the most dire and helpless of situations, to bear witness to your loved ones butchered in front of you. As the craft lifted off, you could hear the cries and wails of those who didn’t make it on board, but even more, the ones who couldn’t place their beloved child on board, in time, or for lack of space. No time to say goodbye, probably forever, to all you have ever lived for.

I only watched the video once, as even the thought of watching it again, brings me to uncontrollable tears. Even looking at the Soulful faces of the Yazidi, as captured by photographers embedded with them, in refugee camps, especially the children, brings me to tears. I have never been so emotionally affected by such a beautiful people, and their horrific plight.

This morning, I woke up, needing to truly find an identification card, which has been missing for months in a cluttered home. Despite countless searches, and tearing apart, and re-tearing apart all portions of the home, I was unable to find it. Now, being unable to find the card, since replacement wasn’t an option, meant severe financial distress, and an inability to properly take care of my Father, and an inability to fight the legal battle for his Guardianship coming up in September, and many other hardships regarding my ability to take care of my own family. I woke up desperate and about to give up this morning.

During my morning shower, and routine conversations with God, I thanked Him, Jesus Christ, and my Guardian Angels for always helping me, day in and day out. I know I always ask so much, but I again humbly asked for their assistance. To help me find the card. To lead me to it. I was at a loss and losing Hope quickly.

After I finished my shower, I got dressed and returned some phone calls I needed to. Then I surveyed the apartment again, and began focusing on a cabinet in the living room, where Jesus hangs above, on the wall, on His Cross. I emptied the drawer into a big box, and opened the small door underneath. There were some old telephone books and a box of envelopes. I shifted the books around and there was nothing. I closed the little door and stood back up.

I don't know why, but I got down on my knees again, and opened the door again. I shifted the books around again, and again nothing…but suddenly, the corner of something small and white caught my eyes, behind the books, stuck to the back of the cabinet. I reached in and pulled out the a small white envelope. I felt something hard inside. I slowly opened it, and I couldn’t believe it. The card I had been searching for. There was no reason in the World why it should have been stuck in there, a place I looked before over and over and over. I was on the verge of tears, in humble gratitude. Just like that. Asked and answered. I am still numb.

To show my gratitude, to all of my Spirit Guides and Helpers, my Angels, my Mother, my ‘aumakua, my God, my Beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…I humbly asked them to leave me for now. I asked them to take a journey 8000 miles away. Dispatching a Legion of my Guides, Helpers and Angels. To be with the Yazidi. In their dire need. To prevent suffering and death. To bring Hope. To protect the weak and infirm. To help the children. I assured them that my family and I would be okay without them. It is the only thing I can do right now. The only thing I can think of. And I have to do something. I truly have to do something. If only to bring a glimmer of Hope, in the heart of a loving parent, in the heart of a frightened child. Both suffering exhaustion, thirst, hunger and terror. That help is on the way. For my God doesn’t force you to believe in Him. He lovingly shows me how to Believe in, and Love You…


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