The stone kahuna cup. The kapu ahi kuni 'anā'anā. The maunu, or bait, of a person. Personal clothing. Hair. Fingernails. Spittle. Excrement. Anything that has your Essence could be used by a kahuna 'anā'anā to perform rituals and incantations to manipulate Spirit, and impact your Spirit, through the unseen powerful threads that connect you to your personal bodily essences. A stone bowl used to take Life or bring sickness and harm to others can still have residual power long after its use and function ended centuries ago. 

The pa'akai 'alaea, or red-ocherous tinted sea salt has Healing and Purifying properties when used properly for Spiritual Cleansing. This particular pa'akai came from Hanapēpē on Kaua'i, and was mixed with 'alaea from Hawai'i Island in 1998, almost twenty-years ago, by Kahuna Lā'au Lapa'au Henry "Papa" Auwae for a gathering of burial practitioners who came together to address ongoing harm to our Beloved Iwi Kūpuna.  The Bones of our Ancestors. It was a Powerful mixture of Sacred Cultural Resources unifying Kaua'i and Hawai'i Island Spiritually. 

The bowl has been cleansed of any negative energy or residual elements of 'ino which may have taken Human Life. Negative Energy can be reversed and replaced with Positive Energy. It is a part of Healing. However, Positive Energy can also be replaced by Negative Energy as well. It works both ways. 

We shouldn't Judge the past Ways of Life through our modern experiences. We shouldn't pass Judgment on our kūpuna either. We try to learn and understand the Truths and Lessons of our Amazing and Powerful History and Hawaiian Culture. To understand the Benevolent Healing aspects, and to try and avoid the hurtful and the harmful.

When we collectively embrace our Ancestors, with Love, Understanding, Forgiveness, Appreciation, Humility and Gratitude, it doesn't matter who killed who in a Battle. It doesn't matter who killed who for the offering, the mōhai, on the sacrificial lele. If we, the descendants, the mo'opuna, learn to Love and Forgive Each Other, to mend the wounds and hurt of the past, it brings Great Redemption and Healing to all of our collective Ancestors. If we turn their suffering, their regrets, and their broken dreams into a Beautiful Remembrance and Honoring, and Acknowledgment with Humility and Gratitude, we can both Heal the Future, and Heal the Past, at the same time.

Most importantly, we can Heal the Now. All the Negative Energy from envy, jealousy, insecurities, covetousness,  greed, ego and the like can be lovingly let go. Life isn't a Competition. We will all cross the Finish Line. The longer you take, the more Lessons you can learn and understand and embody. The more Soul-Fulfilling Love and Compassion you can Emanate to help others grow on their Journey. Being Last Place has its Rewards...


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