The Intersection of Ke'eaumoku and Young Street has had many accidents lately. Twice, in the period of one year, I was driving through the intersection with a green light. As I entered the intersection, something in my na'au, my gut, told me to let up on the gas and apply the brake. In both instances, applying my brake enabled me to miss T-Boning two cars on two separate occasions. One, a woman driving mauka ran the red light while talking on her cellphone. I may have killed her on impact.

The second time, a woman and her young daughter, both in the front seat, were traveling makai and ran right through the red light. The mother was on her cellphone. I could have killed her daughter on impact. I chased them down and admonished them to not use the cellphone while driving as I could have killed either of them.

Two narrow misses. Two close calls. Two potentially tragic and fatal car crashes, prevented because I chose to listen to that often quiet, almost imperceptible voice, emanating from my na'au, my viscera. The Hawaiian Heart. That voice also kept me from hitting and likely killing a man who ran out between cars in traffic on a dark rainy night when I was making a turn.

If not for the premonition, of seeing him run out from between the cars and into my path, about five seconds before it actually happened, such that I pressed the brakes and strained to watch through the rain cascaded windshield, allowing me to avoid hitting, and possibly killing him. 

Listen and Trust your Na'au. That inner voice. That gut. That instinct. That's what my Mother said four months after she passed away. On a Sunny beach in 'Ewa one Saturday morning. When she appeared.

I have listened Mother. Every since then. And Yes, it has changed my Life. Thank you. Love you. Always and Forever...


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