Friday, January 27, 2012


So after I dropped my boys off at school, I noticed steam rising from my hood. A quick glance at my temperature gauge made me realize my engine was overheating. I was leaking coolant. I walked to Walgreens which was nearby and bought coolant. I filled the radiator and let the car cool for awhile. Then I proceeded to work. I didn't get very far before the car overheated. I pulled over on the side of the road by other parked cars. I heard my name called. It was my friend Hina. She said Aloha! I laughed a said Aloha back.

Then traffic moved and we waved goodbye. I cruised in my car pretending I was just parked and cruising not wanting anyone to know I had car problems. After 20 minutes, after traffic let up a little, I got back in traffic. It wasn't long until the car overheated again. I proceeded to repeat this cycle until at one point, I found myself at Zippy's Restaurant right when the car was overheating again. So I decided to pull into the parking lot and enjoy some quiet time by myself eating breakfast while giving the car a good half-hour to cool down. It was a much needed rest, quiet reflection and delicious meal which I wouldn't have normally taken if my car had not developed a cracked radiator that morning.

My boys made it to school and I was able to relax a little and slow down my life. Ke Akua and my kupuna are so good to me. They know exactly what I need even when I don't...