Friday, January 24, 2014


Tonight I stopped by Chinatown to capture some of the excitement as the Chinese community celebrated the coming New Year. January 31, 2014 is quickly approaching. Year of the Wood Horse. I am a Fire Horse. I can't get anywhere near Wood Horses. 

After taking in the ear-shattering concussions and inhaling acrid gunpowder smoke charring my lungs, and running into some beautiful friends, I made my way through the dark streets back to my car. I reflected upon my Chinese Heritage. A heritage sadly I know little about. I found myself overcome with emotion as I apologized to my beloved Chinese ancestors for forsaking them. 

I talk a lot about my Hawaiian ancestors as I relate to them very much, but often at the expense of many of my other ethnic ancestors. I know my Chinese ancestors suffered for thousands of years and I am one of their descendants, the product of their suffering. A product of their love. Their pain. Their joy. Their devastation. Their laughter. Their sorrow. Their Life. Their Death. 

I committed to them that I would learn more about this side of my heritage so that I can teach my sons. I will not forget them. I will try my best to make them proud of my Life as a continuing celebration of this Human Spiritual Journey. I love them immensely. 

I would not be here if not for them...