Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day...

The last two weeks have been some of the most challenging of my life. Against tremendous odds, I embarked on a solo-mission to rescue my Father from his recent hospitalization and placement in a care home, 5000 miles away. I left Hawai'i with no assurances of any success in my endeavor. All I knew was, that I had to try.

I put all of my Faith in the unseen. In constant prayer and communication with God, Jesus, akua, 'aumakua, ancestors, kupuna, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides, every step of the way was Divinely guided. Miracles occurred at every juncture, and I was brought to humble tears. So many Angelic people assisted me at every step to truly make it Mission Possible. From the moment I landed on the East Coast, the two large rare Golden Eagles, hovering over my rental car as I departed on what would be 52 hours without sleep, signaled that even our Iroquois ancestors were there for us, and to help guide me on an unknown journey. It humbled me to the depths of my Soul.

I am now spending 24/7 with my Father due to his needs, as I work on his long-term care. We have hugged, held hands, caressed, and laughed with each other in the past two weeks, more than in the last 40 years. As I feed, bathe, clothe, and tend to him, in a role reversal, his vulnerability has never been more evident. I have to forgive him for the betrayal of my Mother's Trust and Love. To be honest, I'm still working on it. For it was she, my beloved deceased Mother, who insisted I rescue him. She forgave him already. While I still struggle. He is safe at home with me in Hawai'i.

So now I deal with a plethora of attorneys here and in Washington, D.C., doctors, social workers, bankers, and even a police detective investigating a report of a kidnapping. All I know, is that this probably was the last grand adventure I would ever have with my Father in this Lifetime. He is a Vietnam combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. And I know, if I was in the same situation, he would travel 5000 miles to rescue me. If only he could really remember who I am...