Saturday, December 27, 2014


I had just finished visiting my Father. I caressed his head and chest, over and over, held his hands and also caressed his arm, like my Mother used to do to me, or to soothe and put to sleep any fussy infant or child. I talked to him about his Life, recalling certain events, or stories he once shared with me, or achievements of his that I was proud of. He just lay there, teary eyes looking deep into mine. We just looked longingly into each others eyes for quite awhile as I professed what a great Father he was, and how lucky he was to see my Mother, sister Nalani, and other relatives whom I missed very much, soon enough. I didn't know how much he understood, or what he was thinking, but in our silence, I tapped into his Soul as I looked deep into his eyes. I knew his Soul was very much alert, cognizant, and transmitting Love. My Soul talked to his Soul as the words formulated in my Mind. 

Then I spoke out loud again, about all kinds of crazy things, whatever popped into my head, and often laughed out loud. My Father would break into a big grin here and there, and his weakened face would contort in huge smiling chuckles of his own. They meant the World to me. Then I stood up and put a hand on his forehead and the other holding his hand, and prayed over him aloud. It was one of the most calmest, assured, and meaningful prayers I can ever recall issuing. No sooner had I finished, his eyes rolled close, and he went into a deep sleep. I had to watch his chest for signs of breathing, as he really was motionless. For a minute, I was really worried, that after calling in the ancestors and Angels, and committing his Body to Christ, that he may have closed his eyes and left his body. I was relieved to see him breathing again. 

I left the care home and as I approached my car, I saw these bright lights shining on my hood. I at first thought someone put lights on my car or a  Christmas decoration of green, red and a golden bell. But as I drew closer, I realized that the pick-up truck in front of me, had a shiny sticker on the tailgate. The Sun was reflecting the sticker onto the front of my car. One Love. What a Beautiful Hō'ailona...One Love. Yes... We Truly Are...