Sunday, December 21, 2014


I sat for several hours with my Father at his bedside, talking with his Soul at times, other times, quietly listening. In between, I was able to meet and thank the nurses, aides, and other beautiful workers helping to comfort and attend to him as the shifts changed. His labored breathing, gurgling and sporadic mumbling gave me much insight into what lay ahead for him with various decisions on treatment. His hand grasp is still strong as he wouldn't let my hand go, even in his ethereal sleep. I spoke to many loved ones on the other side of the Veil. Much like my Mother, they are arriving on this side for him already. The door is being opened. My job is to keep the Love and Light surrounding him. 

At one point, sitting in the darkness, I was transported back to my own battle at Queen's Honolulu in July of 2012. My physician recently reminded me how a brave surgeon, Dr. Pedro, saved my Life against incredible odds. I remembered how my beautiful late sister, Nālani, stayed by my side in the hospital, helping me survive, despite her own ongoing battle with Cancer. I spoke to her tonight, in Heaven sent whispers, amidst a flow of tears, letting her know how much she meant to me and how much I truly Loved and missed her. 

As visiting hours closed, I kissed my Father's forehead and left for my car. Walking through the mostly dark parking lot, I passed a family saying their goodbyes at their cars. I wished them a Beautiful Night and a Merry Christmas, to their warm and loving replies. There remains much Beauty and Good in this World. Then I saw a beautiful grey cat walk right between their legs as they stood talking and straight towards me, never breaking eye contact. I thought it was their pet as the cat was so calm and assured and came right up to me. They didn't seem to notice. The seemingly familiar cat and I locked eyes and I smiled, and said, "Bye Kitty!" as I walked to my car. 

Then I realized the familiarity. I quickly turned to look at the cat again, but it was gone. The people were in their car. Reverse lights were lit up. I was reminded of my Beautiful sister Nālani's cat, Akari, and how she loved that furry companion. Then I felt the presence of my sister, a beautiful affirmation that she received my heartfelt message, spoken in the presence of my Father, who she openly forgave on her own Deathbed, and I suddenly knew that everything is going to be alright despite my own fears. She knew exactly how to make her presence known. Thank you my Princess Nālani. And thank you my Queen Kaleleonālani. May you two embrace in the Heavens surrounded by Joyous Love and Light...