Saturday, November 5, 2016


Tonight I went downstairs and sat outside of my building in the cold wind, with my laptop, thinking about Life as so many songs from my past played through my headphones. So many thoughts and so many emotions swept through me. I felt the need to write. Thinking about family and friends who have passed recently. Thinking about those who came precariously close to death in recent weeks, and those who struggle to stay here among the living, right now, right here, tonight. 

My emotions have been so raw lately. Seeing images of people struggling and suffering across the World easily brings tears now. Little vignettes of love, forgiveness, redemption, and compassion burn into my psyche. Even watching our brothers and sisters bravely and nobly standing up for Mother Earth and the Life Giving Waters of Kane in North Dakota, including sacred elders, only to be shot and gassed is unconscionable. It moves me to tears when I see some of the profound images from that struggle, and feel the Love and Light emanating not only from the brave Souls there on the scene, but from the pantheon of ancestors surrounding and observing this amazing mixture of Native Humanity, and All Humanity descending upon this Sacred Place. 

It helps me to quell the fires of my own anger, rage and violent thoughts at such injustice. The anger from witnessing the harming of the Light workers with corporate machinations of police state brutality devoid of any compassion. Understanding deeply that there remains Hope for the World. I watch the struggles here at home, and abroad. I have never felt so connected with people from all around the World in our ability to transcend borders, languages, time and space through modern technology. Live feeds, large and small, connecting each other not only visually and audibly, but more importantly, proximate in Spirit. 

We can never underestimate the power of someone knowing that one person out there in this mass of Humanity, supports you. Prays for you. Is inspired by you. Loves you. These are the means by which our noblest and most selfless acts of Love and personal sacrifice shall propagate and perpetuate through the masses to save not just Mother Earth, not just each other, but all that we hold dear, cherish and value of our own Humanity. 

So as I sat here in the cold windy darkness, so many friends, family and Loved Ones come and go through my thoughts, and my Being, bringing Warmth. Fondly recalling the whispers of my Heart, and soothing of my Soul, that each of you bring in different and similar ways. Humbly grateful for this Shared Journey of Life. Humbly grateful for the assistance from the Spirit World. If I had to do it alone, I would have left this World a long time ago, and not of my own choosing. There is no shame in needing help. There is no shame in asking for help either. A hard lesson for me to learn. 

So I humbly ask my Beautiful Ancestors, my kupuna, my ‘aumakua, my Guardian Angels, my Spirit Guides, my family on the other side, my akua and kupua, and especially my Lord and Saviour, my God…to intervene in this World. Intervene in our Lives. Bring Truth and Light and Healing through your collective Divine Love and Grace, to this Earth and all who inhabit it. I give in return to you, my humblest and deepest gratitude, as I covenant Love, Light, Peace and Forgiveness. To the End of my Days. And Beyond…