Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today was an Intense and Reflective Day. I had conversations on Life and Death. Faith and God. Our Men in the Prisons. Culture. Pueo as 'aumakua and akua. Militarization and the bombing of Pohakuloa. I spoke to some of my stones. I spoke about Mauna 'Ala and our most Sacred of the Sacred. I spoke to a Beloved Friend who just lost his Life-Partner. I spoke to a Beloved Kupuna who just lost his leg to Diabetic Neuropathy. I spoke to another Beloved Friend about the events of my last seven years to catch up. It Truly made me Reflect on what I had been through.

I lost my own Beautiful Mother in 2010. 

In 2011, my Beautiful sister Nalani was diagnosed with Cancer. 

In 2012, I went through my own ordeal at Queen's on Life-Support, and in a coma with heart, kidneys and fluid-filled lungs failing, an abdominal cavity liquid antibiotic resistant infection and a MRSA infection on my arm eating my skin at my IV entry-point, with my sister Nalani caring for me day-and-night while fighting her own battle. 

Then 2013 when Nalani passed away. 

Then 2014, when my Father, diagnosed with Severe Combative Dementia, lost his savings to a new spouse, I had to travel 5000 miles to rescue him from a care-home and bring him home while kidnapping charges were levied against me to a Sheriff's Department and hostile attorney threats came fast and furious. Then I had to engage in a legal battle for Guardianship, successfully winning, and immediately filing for Divorce, only to have my Father pass away at the end of 2014. 

Then in 2015, I buried my Mother and Father together at Punchbowl, and had to undergo Emergency Heart Surgery to remove a 90% blockage leading to my Heart, that nearly took my Life with severe Angina Pectoris attacks. 

So as I drove home today from work, I was stuck in traffic. I watched the Beautiful Sun shining on my face, feeling the warmth over 90 Million miles away. I watched the Coconut Trees dancing their mesmerizing dance in cool Mountain Breezes. And as Blind Melon's "No Rain" came onto the radio, I let the tears of Gratitude stream down my face, so filled with Love, I felt ready to Burst. Filled with Humility and Amazement to be Alive. So Humbly Grateful for this Amazing, Incredible, Beautiful and Blessed Life.

Rain or No Rain. Simply Breathtaking...