Saturday, July 8, 2017


As I sat outside on the balcony tonight, keeping the Moon company, I listened to a host of music, some rock from the 1980's when I was in college. So many memories flooded in with each song, transporting me back to different days and nights and experiences.

My friends and I used to frequent the Jazz Cellar in Waikīkī. It was anything but jazz, it was hard rock with live bands. We used to wear our rock gear like leather jackets with spikes, boots, jeans, and other accoutrements. I had my long hair at that time, all teased and fluffy from spraying it with hairspray while I bent over upside down with the blow dryer. People didn't know if we were rockers, bikers or poseurs. We dreamed of playing on the stage but our chops needed much improvement. 

I remember being so drunk one night that it was kindly suggested by the bouncers that I proceed up the stairs and out of the establishment because closing time was approaching and my liquid courage had me talking to, and most likely bothering, too many women. Mind you, during my college years, I never had a girlfriend yet, was still a virgin and was debilitatingly shy. But give me some alcohol and I became a confident and flirty social butterfly.

I remember standing right outside the entrance of the bar, after getting ejected, and gawking at the amazing array of women coming out of the bar with astonishment. I remember asking quite a few to marry me right there to loud laughter or apparent looks of disgust, that is until the bouncer nicely asked me to move away from the entrance. 

The next thing I remember, I was sitting on the ground in the building lobby with my back against the wall as people were milling about. Then I passed out and awoke to the security guard kicking my legs telling me I couldn't sleep there. I passed out again. Then I awoke to my friends jointly picking me up and carrying me to the back of a pickup truck.

Then I remember awaking the next morning on the kitchen floor of my friend's Waikīkī apartment with my friends lying on the floor all around me. We were all still dressed in our leather and night clothes. Large parts of my memory and whereabouts were absent when I awoke. I really didn't care that I had put myself into a defenseless position of vulnerability in my drunken stupor, wholly at the mercy of my kind friends.

Looking back, I recognize so many times when my Guardian Angels, 'Aumakua, Ancestors, and Ke Akua shook their heads at the predicaments I got myself into, but also ultimately ensuring that I emerged unscathed, and more importantly, Alive. There were many situations which could have ended with great tragedy or death as I have so many stories from that period of time.

There were times in college where I was surrounded with drugs, kilos of cocaine, dealers, addicts, guns, house raids with a Federal Agent's AR-15 pointed at the back of my head, wire taps and a host of drama that I mostly observed from the dangerous periphery, but also getting caught up into the fray from time to time in a very deadly foray into addictive dangerous heart-pounding excitement. I am hesitant to share or delve back into those years for fear of how people might view me differently.

However, I also know my story isn't complete without those experiences, and my Emergence from the Dark into the Light is a Journey worth sharing in my humble opinion if it can help others. Sharing however without exposing friends to their detriment, hurting anyone, or opening up old scars will be the greatest challenge. I would have to change all the names, locations and some details if I am to tell the brutal Truths of those years.

I am forever humbled and indebted to Ke Akua and to my Spirit Guides for seeing my Greater Purpose and Value in this Life, and saving me from my own lethal stupidity, recklessness and wanton disregard for my own well-being. A most Special Shout-Out to Henry Opukahaia and Lord Christ for Delivering me from those dark days and unto my recent Resurrection and current Ascension...