Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Today was a Powerful Day at work. I sat in Awe as members of our Lāhui came to testify on the Protection of Mauna-a-Wākea. Despite so many hardships, our people came. Representing not only themselves, but their 'ohana. Their communities. Their islands. Their kūpuna, the ancestors, some who made their presence known through the perching upon of the haka, or mediums. Also representing the keiki and mo'opuna. some of who were also present. The deepest expressions of Aloha pau'ole, of Love, as well as frustration and heartbreaking disappointment were released into our Boardroom. Powerful words which took flight, and landed and pierced accordingly. 

Each person who spoke, carried an important unique message, overlaying the foundation of Aloha 'Āina. To Love the Land and Sea. Aloha kekahi i kekahi. To Love Each Other. To Protect the Mauna. Understanding that sometimes Love can be tough and even hurtful at times. It was a Powerful Day of Reflection. For All. Our Beloved Queen came as well to share her Presence and Love through inspired song. 

Today I was reminded of a Beautiful Hawaiian woman, a friend with Amazing Gifts of what Mary Kawena Pukui calls 'ike pāpā lua in Nānā i ke Kumu, Look to the Source. It is the Gift of Second Sight. To see Spirit. To hear Spirit. To let Spirit speak through you. Through her and others, I have better understood the Spirit World and the reasons why things happen in this World, the good and the bad. The lessons for the Soul. The choices we make. The Sacrifices.

She shared with me a story, a profound story, with humility. She had traveled to the West Coast for an engagement and didn't plan to stay very long. While there, she was visited by a Spirit. An Alaskan Native. He showed her a vision of himself standing on top of a massive dark Mountain in the Blackness of Time. Then the massive hand of Wākea came down and pulled the Mountain, the Mauna, up from the darkness of Pō, into the Ao, the Light. Then Wākea took his other hand and with it, scooped out Lake Waiau, like an 'umeke which was filled with water. He then grabbed the Sun, and brought it closer, just enough that the newly formed Lake Waiau wouldn't be in a constant state of being frozen, but mostly in liquid form. 

Lake Waiau was then shown to be a portal. When varied constellations line up above, like Casseiopeia, and others, the lake becomes a place where dimensional beings can travel back and forth, such as the Mo'o. 

My friend was also shown that not only are our Mauna in Hawai'i Sacred to Mother Earth, to Papa, but all mountain peaks around the World hold special meaning and purposes here, as they touch the Heavens. 

It was also revealed, that Lake Waiau, serves another important function. It is a Reflecting Pool for the akua, the gods. When they gaze into the waters of the lake, they see their true selves. Not how they think they should look or how people should view them, but their True Selves. Not always the easiest Reflection to see for a human or for an immortal.

Poliahu then entered the scene. She lamented. "The Summit of the Mauna is for the akua. Man doesn't belong there." Then she further mourned, "Is Nothing Left that is Sacred to Man? Must Man Destroy Everything?"

Then my Friend was told by the Alaskan Native Spirit, "Man need not look into the Universe for the Answers. Everything we are seeking is right here, deep within, each of us."

After hearing this experience, it resonated deep within my Soul. I was so grateful for her sharing with me and had asked if I could share this publicly one day. She agreed. I hope I did her profound mo'olelo justice as I recollected it about a year later.

So tonight, as I sit here on the lānai, and the Moon makes her slow descent, I know my brothers and sisters are out there in the dark, on Maui, holding the line yet again. To protect Haleakalā. My Heart again Swells with an indescribable Love, and tears well up yet again. 

So I humbly look to my Awesome Creator. To my 'Aumakua. My Ancestors. My Guardian Angels. My Spirit Guides and Protectors. My akua. For Guidance. As the Beautiful Moon quietly watches the tears cascade down my face, I cleanse my Heart and release the burdens of the Day. A deep sadness. A deep pain. But also a deep Love. Deep Gratitude. Which I bury deep inside like the Treasure that it is.

Gratitude. For this Life. This short ephemeral Life. Where the True Soul Lifting and Fulfilling Beauty comes more and more each day, not with the riches of society, but with the riches of Humanity. The intangible experiences, Soul Lessons and Deep Abiding Love that you do take with you when you depart this World. 

So I am grateful for seeing, hearing, and feeling my brothers and sisters today. In Loving Gratitude. And to those on Maui, on the frontline, and all those around the Islands and the World, holding Space and Light. For Mauna-a-Wākea. For Haleakalā. For all Sacred Places. I send you Much Healing Love, Light and Gratitude. Not so much for what you do. But simply for Who You Are. 

Cherish, Forgive and Love Each Other. Some of us may not wake tomorrow. Cherish. Forgive. Love. That Truly is What Life is About...