Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Kamehameha Pai'ea went to Hilo and overturned the massive, seemingly immovable Naha stone as a fulfillment of a prophecy on his huaka'i, or Journey, to unite all of the Hawaiian Islands.The 7000lb monolithic pōhaku from sacred Wailuanuiaho'ano on Kaua'i. Pai'ea overturned the stone. Many of us today carry our own "Naha" stones on our backs. The Divine and Sacred conditions of our own struggles on this Journey, not to unite the Hawaiian Islands as Pai'ea sought, but to understand and Unite our own Body (Kino) and Soul (Wailua). So many vices, bad habits, addictions and other challenges can seemingly crush us like a 7000lb stone. Crush us not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Some of us are able to huli that pōhaku, to flip that stone off of us, only to have it roll back over us again as we slip back into old habits, old thoughts, old modes of dealing with stress and Life. We continue to hurt ourselves and worse, others. Even Pai'ea knew, and his observers, that he didn't huli that pōhaku by mere muscle strength alone. It took powerful Spiritual Strength. The assistance of his God and gods. His ancestors. Many unseen but powerfully felt entities. Everyone knew that a man who could summon such Powerful and Divine assistance from the Other Side, was unstoppable. 

There is no shame in asking for help. For assistance. In trying to huli these massive stones off of our backs. Once and for all. For Good. Muscles are no good for Spiritual Battles. Endurance, yes. Brute force and strength, no. Through genuine humility and gratitude, you can cultivate a Powerful and Enduring Love that will provide all the Divine Assistance you will ever need to fulfill your own Personal Destiny. Simply because They Genuinely and Truly, Believe In, and Love you. As Do I...