Monday, December 4, 2017


My boys really wanted to go see Thor: Ragnarok. So we went. It was a really great movie and we all really enjoyed our night. After it finished, we were walking back to our car. I asked them if they remembered Thor's War Song when he attacked and battled the Evil Ones. I had to hum and sing a little and then they recognized the song. I asked them if they knew what song that was. They said no. I explained to them that it was the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin from the 1970s. They were both very surprised. 

I told them that I recently reconnected with a childhood friend from Elementary School days and we have been hanging out more and more lately. He introduced me to Led Zeppelin in his living room on old school LP vinyl records around the 5th grade. Immigrant Song was a favorite of mine from the Led Zeppelin III album. We even played rock guitar together while we were in high school, then college and beyond.

When we arrived home, I let my boys see the Immigrant Song live by Led Zeppelin on YouTube. They recalled the scenes in the movie as they listened to the song. I explained to them that Daddy has been rocking Thor's War Song for well over thirty years. They have a lot of catching up to do. This is the real Hammer Time...