Friday, December 8, 2017


Today was a most Beautiful, Enlightening and Powerful Day. Like so many of us, especially here in Hawai'i, I was, and still am, deeply impacted by horrific events recently occurring here in our islands. There is a deep sense of loss, not only of precious fragile Human Life, but also the loss of a Kind and Beautiful Way of Life, that seems irretrievably broken and squandered. Maybe fearfully never to return. 

However, today the Ancestors came through. Through Beautiful and Gifted Friends. Some who lived over a Century ago. Some several Centuries. One many Centuries ago. There are no words to describe the Deep Love they continue to possess, despite suffering tragedies and hardships themselves in their own lives. Some suffering the deepest of horrors and sorrows, literally plunging over the precipice and leaving behind everything, and the only thing, you ever Loved in this Life. The Ultimate Sacrifices.

Yet, their Love continues and endures. The Connections. The Compassion. The Hope. Centuries later for the Living today. Humanity can and will recover. As long as the irrepressible Human Spirit Survives, for it can and does Survive, even Death. These dark days are not set in stone. The Beautiful and Innocent days we lament for in sorrowful reflections, can and will return. If each of us Truly Believes. That Love and Light Endure. Eternally. Let us Resurrect the Beautiful Gentle Loving and Kind World we not only Want. But Truly Need. And the One that the Children Deserve.

And for the Ancestors. Who sacrificed so much to try and Gift us a Beautiful World. Because of Their Love for Us. All of Us. Let us Finish Their Unfinished Dreams. As They Lovingly Deliver Ours Unto Us...