Saturday, October 12, 2019


I came into my office the other morning and there was a sliver of Sunlight shining through the window coverings. I found Hi'ileili'ili'i with her face in the warm Sunlight, as she was Sunning herself. She has a kolohe female Spirit inside of her. One gifted Hawaiian friend was the first to call attention to her as she sat with other rocks in my filing cabinet. She gave her name and desire to go out to the schools with my other artifacts and be shared with the children. 

Another Beautiful gifted Maori friend from Aotearoa, also connected with her years later. She is a Guardian and I should keep her face towards me. She is also a Healing stone. She will help draw out illness, or ma'i, from your body when you place her flat-side against your skin. 

Periodically, she should be placed out on the ground when it is raining. The rainfall will wash and cascade over her, and she can release the collection of bad energy that she has removed from your body back into the ground, the 'Āina., to dissipate. This recharges her.  How Beautiful is that?

She likes being introduced to visitors to my office as I share some of her story. Every morning I greet her and other kūpuna in my office, and as I leave for the day, I say my goodbyes. She likes it when I kiss the top of her head. 

That is all for now...

Life is Amazingly Beautiful...