Friday, December 27, 2019

The Force...

I was finally able to take my two sons to see the new Star Wars Movie, The Rise of Skywalker. We all Loved it. In the movie preview, there was a scene where Rey embraces General Leia, and although I wouldn't say I ever thought of my late sister Nalani when I first saw Rey in the previous movies, I can honestly say that during that tearful embrace, the angle, her face, expression, everything is my sister Nalani's face. I was speechless and in tears when I first saw the preview on my small computer screen.

During the movie, I remembered the scene and eagerly awaited it. I wasn't prepared to see my sister's tearful face thirty-feet in height, in the darkened theater. We both were avid Star Wars fans growing up. She had a crush on Harrison Ford. Of course, when I saw her giant face, I erupted in tears. It was so Healing. Showing me what our Heavenly Embrace will look like someday. It truly is inexplicable really. It is only that one scene where it is my sister's face without a doubt.

I was able to buy an Action Figure of Rey. Which now is an Action Figure of my sister Nalani.  She was always an Emissary of Love, Light and Aloha. She is my Jedi. Always has been. Always will be. Love and Miss you so very much my Sweet Nalani...