Saturday, July 18, 2020


The chances of me getting my act together, getting out of the house at night, and capturing the Beautiful Comet Neowise is slim indeed. I am enjoying seeing the comet through the talented eyes of many photographers in the islands and around the World.

I also don't manipulate and alter my photos either to produce desired results. I humbly capture the magic and add my artistic flare in post-editing enhancing the colors and tone of what is there without adding photographic elements. I don't pass judgment on others either.

This however, is a composite image. I document events with my camera to preserve them for posterity, and sustain and share the Healing Spirit far and wide long after the event ends. I am also an Artist and enjoy exercising my creative license too...

It isn't even Comet Neowise. It is Comet KaiWise. 

I am wise enough to not over-extend myself to try and capture Neowise when I am nurturing my own health back during this time of sequestration. I made this comet to memorialize the celestial event of Neowise's arrival and combined it with an earlier capture of a Kapu Kai ceremony that has great significance to me on my own Journey with the Cleansing and Healing waters of Kanaloa. 

Comet Neowise won't be around again for about 6,800 years. My Soul, however is Immortal. Just like yours. I will catch Neowise again in about 7000 years. I might even surf that bad-boy for a few light years through time and space if I feel up to it...wearing my GoPro Hero 8000XLR of course...