My Paternal Grandfather passed away when I was about five years old. My father, my first son, and I, all carry his name. He went in to repair a hernia, and the surgeon decided to work on his Heart while he was being operated on for his hernia. My grandfather never left the operating table alive. 

I too have hernia issues and heart issues. In my Healing Journey, I have learned that it is less of a hereditary physical and medical condition and more a Spiritual and Family Trauma condition that carries forward through generations. 

I am so very grateful that my grandfather saved so much ephemera from his Life as it allows me to get to know him better. Things that get thrown away, lost or otherwise destroyed are a simple valued Treasure at this point in my Life.

I don't think he knew at the time how much this would mean to his descendants. How much it would mean to me. His namesake. 

It makes me think about my descendants and the ephemera that I discard so readily.

Now I am going to go look for my Def Leppard Concert ticket stubs...


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