I woke up early this morning and in my daily routine, Prayed while in the shower, gazing out upon the Rising Light in the East. Always thanking Ke Akua Mana Loa, Christ and Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary, the Divine Female, for another Precious Day of Light, Life, Sacred Breath and Everlasting Love. Thankful for Their Divine Grace and Mercies, and Abiding and Loving Presence, and that of the Holy Spirit, in my Life, and All of our Lives. 

Grateful each morning for the day and night before and watching over, and out for, my Precious wife and Beloved two sons. Thankful for Thy continued Healing of my family and I, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Humbly requesting to keep my Family close to Him, close to each other, and holding me close, Protecting and Guiding me at work, in my often difficult and sensitive work. 

I then extend similar prayers to all 'ohana members, here and on the Other Side of the Veil. I thank my Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, 'Aumakua, and all Sentient Spiritual Beings helping me on my Journey. I send Love and Gratitude to my Mother and Father, Sister there, and Sister here, and all my ancestors who Delivered me to this Life.

The acknowledgements and responses often arrive in cool breezes against my face during parts of the Prayer.

I then run down a list of those I know suffering health battles, recent crime and accident victims in the news and those on Social Media who passed away, and their 'ohana.

At my Nightly shower, I give similar thanks for the day that we had, and bringing everyone home safe. 

I find the Prayers in the Shower are particularly powerful for me, as the water vapor in my Breath and Words, take Life when mixed with the Steam of the Shower, and float out of the little bathroom window and out into the Water Vapor Laden Atmosphere to spread all over Sleepy Honolulu and Ascend to the Heavens.

We are the Living Water Gourds of Kāne. Holding, and spilling forth, the Life Giving Waters. In our Powerful Words and Breath of Ke Akua...

Like I have said before, when you Pray for Yourself, with Humility and Piety, your Prayers are Strong. When you Pray for Loved Ones, Friends and Other Beloveds, your Prayers are even more Powerful. When you Pray for complete Strangers, your Prayers become even more Powerful and Effective. And when you Pray for your Enemies who Hate, Despise and Resent you, with Love and Forgiveness, your Prayers are Truly Unstoppable.

With Humility and Gratitude. Always...with, and in, Love...


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