Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double Rainbow...

You were in my dreams last night. Such a rare occurrence despite my efforts to invite you in on so many restless nights. You slept far from me and awoke before I missed you. I found you walking on a path with a suitcase rolling behind you and the weight of the world on your shoulders. Leaving me forever. I headed down the hill quickly to intercept you but you disappeared into a convenience store. I followed you in and found you counting your bills and change to pay for your two sodas. I walked up and you couldn't look me in the eye. I didn't know what to say. I offered to pay for your two drinks. You said you would take care of it yourself without looking up at me. I handed the clerk my money while you clumsily sorted through your change on the counter. You looked up at me. With tears in your eyes. It broke my heart. I awoke confused at the chain of events. Random brain synapses of disjointed memories and desires. Or messages for me to ponder. I stayed awake for an hour mulling over the dream over and over. Trying to remember the details and savor the interactions with you. Then I passed out again.

Then in an unprecedented double dream. You were in my next dream too. People were spread all over a house. Crammed in every corner. All waiting for me to make dinner. You disappeared into another room. I finally finished dinner but many had fallen asleep. I walked around the assorted mix of family, friends, and strangers in the dark house. Looking for you. I found you in your bed. I squatted down to hear you breathe and offered you dinner. You feigned sleep. Then you bolted out of bed. Passed me without a word to retrieve something from the other room and came back headed back to your bed. You squeezed past me in the hallway and brushed up against my chest. Then you paused. And pressed your back into my body and against me. Just as my heart blossomed and I reached out to embrace you from behind. I woke up.

That is it. No more chocolate before bed for me...