Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have come to increasingly better understand this Life, and the Afterlife, only through personal experiences and incredible insight from beautiful gifted friends who have a foot in both Worlds. The lessons they learn, and lovingly share, gifts from Ke Akua, from Jesus, from our beloved Hawaiian akua and deities, from Angels, from ancestors and 'aumakua, are profound. Even lessons from those who have departed us during our lifetimes, yet who linger in our Earthly Realm, seeking redemption, closure and healing, for those simple precious things the living often take for granted, until it is often too late.

Hold the highest value in Life, of loving relationships, of seeking forgiveness from others, from forgiving others, forgiving yourself.  Don't harbor grudges, anger and thoughts of revenge. Such seeds burrow deep within and go with your Soul to the other side of the veil. Many Souls no longer can influence the Living World anymore, where their hope for closure and healing truly exists. Thus they seek out the gifted ones to help them resolve issues so they can ascend further. There is so much Life and Spirit in everything around us, not just in seemingly animate and sentient beings.

I only plan on this Lifetime to learn all the things my Soul needs, so I won't have to come back for a second round. I am far too worn out this time, probably from centuries of return journeys. I am grateful to Ke Akua for giving me a second chance in July of 2012 and the gift of Resurrection otherwise I would have surely been bound here with so much unfinished Earthly business, and even more deep regrets.

It all boils down to a simple concept. All centered around Love. If you Love, you don't want to hurt. You don't want to inflict pain. You don't want to be oblivious and arrogant to those around you. You don't want to make people suffer. You want to help. You want to heal. You possess gratitude, and thus are humble. You want to forgive. Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi. Love one another...