Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I haven't been able to get into the ocean lately, to release stress, cleanse my Spirit, and commune with God and my ancestors. However, I was up late last night due to a combination of an afterwork nap and drinking too much chocolate almond milk. I laid in bed with headphones on and a myriad of my favorite songs playing from various decades. I was transported in the dark to so many different times in my Life and memories. Music can be a powerful emotive trigger just like smells. Smell a box of crayons, play-doh or Elmer's paste and if you are from that era, you will be transported back to childhood memories you may have thought you had forgotten.

One night I fell asleep with music playing and had the most incredible vivid beautiful dream of a glimpse of Heaven with the late Dennis Pavao singing "Ka Ipo Lei Manu." My family and ancestors were waiting at the top of beautiful endless stairs extending into the Heavens with soft gorgeous lighting all around them, iridescent pastel colors, bird song and ethereal beauty. I was so at Peace. It was powerfully emotional too. I was a little sad when I woke up. 

Another time I was falling asleep to Blind Melon's "No Rain" and felt the sadness and regret of their late lead singer, Shannon Hoon, who died so young of a cocaine overdose, and possible suicide. I felt the presence of his Spirit and cried so hard for his loss, and for his young family as I listened to his voice with such clarity, hearing his Soul sing. I poured out so much Love, it turned out to be very healing for me. I hope it was healing for him as well.

So last night, as I revisited different people and events in my Life through each song, I found great empowerment in some memories, and in others I said goodbye to old friends who have passed on, letting tears flow with so much expressed Love, and unleashing guilt and the other baggage that I unknowingly have been carrying around. The translucent scarred chrysalis surrounding my Soul which no longer serves its purpose, finally lovingly discarded to return to Mother Earth.

My final release will be committing to writing the amazing experiences and stories that changed my Life as I have already started, and finish this endeavor. Such emotion pours out with each word as I listen to songs, and write down the memories of beautiful people and experiences, that continue even to this day as I await to reunite my Father and Mother and fulfill a promise. From the deepest black hole of despair and insufferable loss, to dangerous life-altering predicaments, to the highest highs of pure joy and Love. It is quickly becoming the NeverEnding Story, but I need to close these chapters soon for my next Emergence. When the book is finished, the ocean will be the final cleansing of my Soul. Then I will truly be ready to Adorn my full Spiritual Armor, and Bring It On. A Hundredfold...