Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I had a Beautiful visit at work by Dr. Patrick Buckley of the Geography Department at Western Washington University and some of his awesome students. This was his third visit with one of his classes to Hawai'i and to OHA and I always appreciate his Aloha greatly. 

A variety of Majors were present including Geography, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Marine Science and others. We spent two and a half hours together talking about the current state of affairs in Hawai'i and a multitude of issues from Hawaiian history, culture and values, as well as sea level rise, Mauna Kea, iwi kūpuna, Makahiki in the prisons, the military presence, the traditional cultural landscape, restoration of heiau like Kāneiolouma on Kaua'i, birthing stones, Kalākaua, Mana, akua Pele and much, much more. To get to our office, they had to walk past so many houseless living on the sidewalk so that was the first topic of discussion. 

I am very proud of these young up and coming leaders as the Global Community gets smaller and smaller, and we need to connect with, and help, each other with the World's problems. We parted in Love and with a greater understanding of each other. The small things in Life that truly matter at the end of your Life. Trust me. I know...