Sunday, December 25, 2016

Work Space...

I finally found the perfect workspace I needed to increase my productivity, and most importantly, finish writing my book. I just couldn't find the right place, or time, or energy, to complete it this past year. I am committed to finish it in 2017. It truly is one of the reasons I am still alive and here. Maybe that is some of the unsettling procrastination I find myself in, that if I do finish it, my survivability in the World wanes. It is ultimately for my boys, lessons and stories throughout my Life that have taught me the incredible meaning of Life itself.  I know, however, that it will have meaning and value to many others throughout the World beyond my two sons. 

My workspace gives me solitude, yet I remain close to my loved ones, such that knowing they are safe and sound, and present, lets me truly focus on my task at hand. It gives me a view of the city below, as I can see the multitudes of people and families living their lives, often unaware of the collective struggles as well as celebrations, in all that this Journey of Life has to offer, large or small, which truly connects us all. It allows me to isolate myself and listen to period music which elicits strong memories and emotions which imprint onto the words committed to paper. 

It lets me gaze longingly upon the black horizon of the ocean as my thoughts carry themselves around the World to loved ones near and far. Finally, it opens up to the endless and boundless Universe and night sky, as I peer into Forever, allowing my ancestors, angels, Spirit Guides and my God, to channel the knowledge and insight from the Heavens needed to ensure that my messages of Love, Redemption, Kindness, Forgiveness, Hope, Faith and Resurrection ring true. Mahalo Ke Akua. My search is over. It was right in front of me this whole time...