Monday, January 1, 2018


A good friend of mine and I were talking about Legacy. He noted that he didn't have any children thus it was harder to pass things on that way he lamented. It made me think about how we Change the World for the Better. Not just for our family and loved ones, but for all of Humanity. I am grateful for the connectivity that the Internet has delivered to many of us, and even grateful for Facebook for connecting me with so many Beautiful Kindred Souls on this Shared Journey. I probably have seen more shared videos of poignant, powerful and sometimes tragic occurrences around the World than I ever would have without Social Media, which allows me to learn, empathize, and even connect emotionally in ways that I never would have imagined possible. 

From watching people horribly disfigured rising up and above their personal tragedies, to a beautiful and strong Sudanese woman sobbing from the Depths of her Soul having witnessed genocide, and having been subjected to violent rape, to a young 15 year old girl bravely facing Cancer, and receiving Beautiful gifts of Love in her final days. These often move me to tears and stun me into silence. 

To see that young girl's Faith in God's Plan, yet still show sadness and fear, as someone who looked forward to and dreamed about graduating from high school, going to college, and even getting married. Things many of us take for granted. When I found out she passed, I felt so helpless. I somehow wanted to be there for her, to hold her frail thin body tightly against mine, and cradle her while kissing her forehead, to help deliver her into Eternity, letting her understand how much I Love her, for really not even having known her, but for a couple of videos. I felt her Beautiful and Gentle Spirit miles and miles away.

It made me think. About Legacy. As I try to reconnect with my Ancestors, many going so far back that they become nameless and faceless. I know that we are inextricably linked through both Physical and Spiritual bonds. The cords still connect us. When I think of them, they think of me.

King David Kalakaua, who died in 1891, came through the Veil several years ago and shared messages with several gifted friends. One message that resonated, was about Mana. That powerful supernatural and divine essence of a person that not only gives them a powerful presence, but becomes imbued in their entire body, from their hair to their bones. Traditionally, held by Hawaiian chiefs, who protected their blood lines, and observed strict kapu to protect and preserve their Mana, as to not dilute it, these Ali'i were "gods who walked among men."  They acquired the Mana of the other high chiefs through warfare and the acquisition of teeth, hair and bones and through ritual sacrifice. 

Kalakaua shared that he learned, after death, that everyone possesses Mana. Not just Hawaiians. He shared that Mana can be inherited as well as acquired, which also applies to the ancient days as well as I was taught. However, the Mana Kalakaua referred to, the essence you inherit comes from the actions and choices of your ancestors. The goodness, kindness, compassion, justice, morals, and other indicators of positive actions and choices that your ancestors went through in their lives. Even sacrificing themselves for the betterment of their children, family and community.

You acquire your own Mana by these very same actions and choices in your own Life. Choosing Love. Forgiveness. Compassion. Kindness. This will of course be the inherited Mana of your own children. 

But what about those with no children. Every interaction one has with another human being, whether a family member, a community member, a stranger or now, a person on the other side of the World, is a chance for Mana to be shared. We often think of Legacy as the big institutions, and the giant changes to the World that a person is able to accomplish in their Life that often sustains long after they are gone.  Big entities. Big inventions. Big advances in Science and Industry. We often don't think about the seemingly small regular common people who go about their Lives with humility and without recognition or fanfare.

There is a saying that people won't remember what you did in your Life, your possessions or personal accomplishments, as much as they will mostly remember how you made them feel. 

I find that very true in reflecting upon all the Beautiful Souls who departed this past year and in the years prior. The memories that come to mind, are never the grandiose things, but the small personal moments of Love and Understanding. Bonding. Intimate moments one-on-one. That Truly is Legacy.

I believe that for every act of Kindness we show another person, family or not, that the Kindness carries forward and quietly teaches by example, as well as inspires further acts of Kindness. The same with acts of Love. Of Compassion. Of Forgiveness. Of Sacrifice. 

My parents never sat me down and gave me a lecture on being Kind. They simply showed me. I observed acts of Kindness, however, my entire Life, from Kindergarten and beyond, from them as well as from everyone around me. We are able to help teach and inspire others, whether our own children, a neighbor's child, young people in our community, or any young person in the World given access. Not only children, but adults too. 

For every genuine smile you share with a stranger, every door you hold open for someone, every car you let merge in front of you in gridlock, for every customer you let go before you in the grocery store line because their one ice cream container is melting, you set in motion a positive force in the Universe that replicates itself forward, from person to person, emanating outward, long after you are gone. I truly believe this. 

I know the long lines of my Ancestors lived their often arduous and challenging, and sometimes tragic lives and hopefully learned their lessons for their Souls. I truly Love each and every one of them, although most fade into the distance of time, such that I have no face or name. If I close my eyes however, I can feel them, and see them in my Heart. I have such a deep gratitude for each of them. Everyone. The Ministers and Deacons, the Fathers and Mothers, the Soldiers and the Peacekeepers, the Kings and Queens, the Long and Short Lived, the ones who left via Suicide, and even the Murdered. The Doctors who saved Lives, the Mid-Wives who delivered Lives, and all those who suffered and succumbed to the ravages of Disease.

I especially Love and am Grateful for all the seemingly common people who just lived their Lives mostly unnoticed and uncelebrated, the best they could, but who brought Love and Light into this World through their Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love and Caring. 

They may not have felt like their Lives were extraordinary or fitting of celebration for leaving a powerful Legacy for the rest of the World. Little did they know however, that their Goodness and Mana would ripple and reverberate for generations beyond. To help the Lonely, the Suffering and the Despondent. 

Their Love inspires me to truly be a better person, to acknowledge their Sacrifices, to finish their Unfinished Dreams. A simple Genuine Caring Smile and a Kind Word has saved my Life in the past. How could I ever imagine withholding that from another Beautiful Soul in Need. How could I ever imagine withholding that from a Beautiful World in Need...