Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I am beginning to think that my brain wasn't designed for the constant bombardment of information and stimuli that arrives not only daily, but hourly, from this modern technologically advanced World. When I was young, I could go the whole day without interacting with others. Maybe reading a favorite book. Catching wild guppies for my aquarium and then watching them for an hour up close. Walking around in the forest. Using my imagination for all kinds of adventures. Listen to my favorite rock album or cassette tape for awhile. Once in awhile, a favorite television show. If I happened to pass the television at dinner time, I would see some National and World news clips. 

It seems like today, it is hard to avoid the tidal wave of information presented to us through social media, email, texts, television, radio, posters, digital boards and any other type of modern mode of communication. I rarely watch the television anymore because it seems like too much emptiness, and not enough meaningful worthwhile lessons or experiences. 

My understanding of the World and far away places, people and cultures has no doubt expanded greatly. However, too much news, politics, controversies, arguments, debates, vitriol, hatred, intolerance, sensationalism, idolization, demonization, self-dealing, and just about every other type of drama has increasingly overloaded my brain. It has also diminished my Spirit. 

So tonight, before I sleep, I will shrink myself, and allow my Spirit to become this little tiny baby land snail way up high in the endangered native forests of Ka'ala on the Wai'anae mountain range, and stay there for tonight. The Wao Akua. The Abode of the gods.  Just me and my thoughts. A temporary refuge. A healing place as the night rain washes over me. No one, and nothing, will be able to penetrate my impervious shell. Until I awake in the morning. To another day of this modern day onslaught...