Monday, July 16, 2018


I was Blessed to discover a cache of Love Letters between my Mother and Father. Right before, and right after they were married. There were periods of separation as my Father was already in the United States Marine Corps. I have only read parts of some, as there are almost one hundred. To gain insight, in such an intimate way, of two people who I thought I truly knew and understood, to see glimpses of their thoughts, feelings and especially, their Hearts, is such a profound Blessing. 

Painful at times however, especially seeing how much my Father meant to my Mother. How much she adored him. Loved him. Lived for him. Trying to understand and make sense of how such a potent Love could go astray and bring so much pain and Heartache in the end. At what point does such a fiery and passionate Love find itself in the smoldering ashes of a slowly suffocating ember.

All I know is that these are the Treasures of Life. Healing. And when I softly read them aloud, I know my Beautiful Mother and Handsome Father, are somewhere very near across the Veil, quietly listening. Reflecting. As they both stand next to me. Encouraging me to delve into the Depths of my Own Heart. Such are the Lessons of Life...