Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I have been seeing this large moth around my building for the past few weeks. Not sure it is the same one. There have been sightings at my building entrance so I believe that many people had the opportunity to see him, her, or them, and take away whatever messages, if any, they needed. The presence of Spirit. 

I am in the middle of reading a book now about communicating with the Spirit World. It truly confirmed many of my beliefs after many experiences with truly gifted friends who humbly, respectfully and genuinely communicate with those who have passed from this Realm and now exist beyond the Veil. Always for the Greatest and Highest Good. 

I truly attribute any skills I possess in photography and emotive writing to my Beautiful Spirit Guides who teach me and inspire me in my passions. I have started tapping into the guidance and presence more and more lately. Less of a passive receiver. More of a conversation and appreciation.

The other night, I went to my car, and who did I find directly above my car hood, dead center. This Beautiful Moth. Of all the places to be that night. I so needed that confirmation and affirmation. Thank you. Truly... Humbly... Deeply....