Friday, March 6, 2020


As I do each morning, during my shower, I pray while looking out my little bathroom window. At night, I again pray during my evening shower. Tonight, my Prayers were interrupted half-way through by exploding fireworks over Waikīkī. I didn't pause, but continued against the distraction. 

Nothing could stop the words from flowing. With the distant booming in the background, I continued on, in humility and with gratitude. Thanking Him for the Precious Gifts of Light, Life, Sacred Breath, and Everlasting Love. Thankful for the Blessings of this Truly Beautiful Life, and for all of the painful Lessons as well. Gratitude for my family, and all those in my Life on this Shared Journey.

I humbly asked for a blanket of Protection and Healing over so many friends and family who have suffered the loss of Loved Ones, and Praying for the Souls of the recently departed. I named the roster of the recently transitioned as their names and faces appeared before me.

I asked for Healing for those suffering from afflictions, including COVID-19, around the World, and Protection for all those trying desperately to Heal and tend to the sick, primarily their own family and amazing dedicated medical workers, who act like, and become, family. Sacrifices each day.

The whole Prayer was uttered for several minutes and the cool night was eerily still with no wind perceptibly felt on my face as I peered out my little open window, and Petitioned the Heavens. 

A light sprinkling of rain cascaded down as Ka Wai Ola a Kāne, the Life Giving Waters of Kāne, encapsulated in my breath, and powering my words, were set free into the Night and carried forth, drifting to join the water falling from the Heavens, to Blanket all those in Need.

Then at the end of my Prayer, I paused momentarily in reflection. The fireworks concluded and went silent. And in that Silence, I pondered my next words.

Then, I humbly asked Ke Akua, to please not Forsake Hawai'i. To please not Forsake Humanity. 

Then more reflective silence. 

Then finally, I humbly asked Him to please not Forsake us, despite all the disappointment we bring Him, in the things we sometimes do to each other.

Then it was Quiet and Still again.

Then a strong warm gust of wind enveloped my face. Blowing ever-so strongly, causing me to momentarily brace myself and lean into the shower wall. It was a powerful caressing. And physical contact. Tears burst forth.  

The Heartfelt request. With Humility, Gratitude and Love.

The Heartfelt response. With His Unconditional Divine Love...

That's how We Roll...